The best Caribbean music needs the best steel drums and other accessories!

All of us agree that music speaks a universal language. No matter if it’s trance, heavy metal, pop, hip-hop or for that matter even Caribbean drum music. All of us love the music created by instruments used in creating highly varied sounds and effects. All of them have their own importance when it comes to the contribution to world music. Usually, Guitars and Drums are the basis of music that is created in any genre. But there are other instruments as well that have an equally crucial role in contributing to the language of music. Steel drum for example, is the mainstay of Caribbean music. They were created in the Caribbean island Republic of Trinidad & Tobago in the 1930s. They are a part of the percussion family of instruments. Did you know? These steel drums are made from 55 gallon (oil) drums and come in a variety of musical ranges. And when they are played collectively, they are called a steel band (or a steel drum band) and the persons who play them are called pannists. One more point to note here is that pan drum is the same as a steel drum and can be used interchangeably.

As earlier stated, these steel drums are the basis of Caribbean music. Places like Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago have a major culture of using these instruments in their music. The reggae genre of music that originated in Jamaica uses a reggae steel drum to give the sound reggae feel. Calypso music on the other hand originated in Trinidad and Tobago and requires a reggae steel drum for creating music. In addition to steel drums, a steel pan stand as well as steel drum mallets is used for creation of music. Steel drum mallets are basically sticks that consist of a type of rubber wrapping or tube fixed to a wooden or aluminum shaft. As the types of steel drum instruments continue to grow, more and more focus is being put in the manufacturing of the mallets to generate the most effective sounds. The drums are hung in strings from hooks on the limbs of a steel pan stand.

With the increase in the fame of steel drums music in the Caribbean and moreover across the world, the demand for these instruments has also grown to a large extent. And that is the reason why more and more web portals have started selling these instruments and accessories online. Take the case of Kakesa Pan Emporium that sells all kinds of such instruments. They provide all kinds of steel drum instruments as well as other percussion items and that too at highly reasonable prices. Right from a steel drum cd to island steel drums, they have it all. Visit their website to get more information.


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